Auto Accidents on Highway 99 near Sherwood Oregon

If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident please do not hesitate to contact Ryan Hilts now

Every single person who has ever driven a motorized vehicle in even light traffic knows at least this one simple fact – driving can be dangerous! The statistics conclusive prove this to be true.

Unfortunately, Sherwood isn’t exempt from these statistics. If your commute includes any time on Highway 99 near Sherwood, you know this to be true. As the community continues to grow, commutes are getting longer and roadways are getting more congested. Using some simple math you can easily figure out that the longer and the farther you drive, the chance of you being involved in an accident continues to increase. Having more vehicles on the road seemingly every day certainly doesn’t help the situation.

This isn’t an attempt to scare you; it is simply to keep you informed and to provide you with some helpful information in the event you or a loved one is injured in an auto accident.

Obviously there are many issues of more immediate concern than dealing with an insurance company. That is precisely why you should strongly consider using the services any attorney that specializes in auto accident cases.

Ryan Hilts is exactly that attorney. Ryan and his staff have worked hundreds of auto accident cases successfully and are dedicated to helping you realize the best possible outcome in your specific case.

Everyone knows the insurance companies are trying to settle cases as quickly as possible for as little as possible. While it may seem a bit unethical, that is what they are in business to do.

The good news is Ryan is in business to make sure you don’t get rolled over by the insurance companies. Ryan is a top accident attorney in all of Oregon and is known by the insurance companies to take a case to trial if that is in your best interest. Knowing this, the companies are much more likely to offer a fair settlement to put the case behind them.

The accident statistics are practically unbelievable. There are over 12 million auto accidents a year in the U.S alone (over 3000 per day) involving over 20 million vehicles. Five million accidents result in some sort of injury.

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates the typical driver will experience 1 or 2 near accident misses every single month! Even the very best drivers are sometimes at the mercy of inexperienced or distracted drivers. While being in an auto accident is certainly not inevitable, the probability of being involved in an injury accident isn’t going down.

New auto and road technology are improving every day and defensive driving techniques are helping to improve the safety of the highways you travel every day.

But, if you do find yourself in the unfortunate position of being injured in an auto accident, do yourself a huge favor and contact Ryan Hilts for a free consultation.