Avoid Fatal Crashes on Highway 26, Oregon

We all know various roads that are notorious for auto accident crashes, but knowing this information can help you to prepare for your journey and help minimize any risks that might lead to an accident.

All too often, we at Ryan Hilts personal injury, handle auto accidents that happen on Highway 26 near Sandy, Oregon, that could have been avoided, with a little planning.

Spend a little time in advance planning your journey and checking traffic reports, weather reports and anything else that will help plan your route. Ice is one of the major causes of accidents in this route. Only this week, ice was the cause of an accident involving four vehicles, in which one driver died. Black ice is treacherous, because you can’t see it. Checking the weather report in advance will help you decide if you need to change your route, or reduce your speed.

Another factor in many auto accidents we see is foul weather. Heavy rain can reduce visibility and causes many fatal accidents. People forget that rain causes the roads to be slippery and reduces stopping distances. If your journey isn’t essential during the bad weather, consider going when the weather has calmed down or perhaps change your route to one that is less busy. Everyone rushing to get home in bad weather is a bad combination.
Another huge accident factor is holidays. The popular skiing destination of Mount Hood attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year and unfortunately accidents seem to increase at busy times. Everyone is excited at holiday time and this can lead to careless driving and accidents.

Try putting modern technology to the test. Many people these days have smart phones with access to the Internet and apps. Have a look for traffic apps and websites that give up to the minute information on traffic problems in your area, you could save yourself a lot of time and avoid getting stuck when traffic is at a standstill.
What else can you do to minimize the risk of an auto accident? Make sure your vehicle is in good shape and fit for long journeys. If you regularly travel on long journeys, get your vehicle checked out by a qualified mechanic. Also, check your tires, as worn tires can cause skidding. When driving, keep your distance from the car in front to give you space to emergency brake, if necessary. Make sure your wipers are working as you’ll need those more than ever in heavy rain. Tune in to local radios stations as they will have up to the minute traffic reports. Try not to overload your vehicle with cases and equipment and keep distractions to a minimum when you are driving, such as loud music and over excited passengers!

If you have been involved in an accident on Highway 26, or any other road, for that matter, Ryan Hilts can help you win the compensation you deserve. We’ve dealt with hundreds of cases and you are guaranteed the very best of service and care. We know the risks of bad weather, holiday traffic and careless drivers that cause accidents, so call Ryan Hilts today for expert advice and personal service. We can answer questions and put your mind at ease with a free consultation.