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What to do if you get into a car accident in Oregon?

What To Do in A Car AccidentBeing involved in a car accident is something that we all hope to avoid, but it can, unfortunately, happen to anyone. To be on the safe side, it’s best to be prepared in case you find yourself in such a bad situation.

Do you know what to do if you get into a car accident in Oregon? Follow these pieces of advice, and you’ll be much better off.

Remain Calm

The first thing you should always do, no matter how serious the accident is, is to not panic. You or the people you care about could be injured, and you’ll need to be thinking clearly to help. Even without injuries, minor mistakes can cost a lot of money or legal trouble down the road.

Don’t Leave

This one is fairly obvious, but driving away from an accident is one of the worst things you can do. No matter how severe the accident or who’s to blame, you have to stop and assess the damage with anyone else involved. You can get into serious trouble if you don’t follow the appropriate procedures.

Find Out if Anyone is Injured

Checking on the health of everyone is the first action you should take after a car accident. If anyone is injured, getting them medical attention is the top priority.

Move Out of Traffic (In Non-Serious Accidents)

Oregon Car AccidentIn very serious accidents, or those in non-crowded areas, you may not have much choice but to leave your cars where they are. But, if you have a minor accident on a busy road, it’s usually best to move your vehicles to a safe area. If possible, take pictures before moving, but don’t risk your safety by remaining somewhere where other cars may hit you.

Place Warnings Signs

To help keep yourself safe, you should set up flares, traffic cones, traffic triangles, or any other noticeable objects on the road behind where your cars are.

You should plan ahead for this. You can buy these at any automotive shop, and you should keep a selection inside your car to be prepared. At the same time, it’s wise to keep a first aid kid and some emergency clothes in case of inclement weather.

Inform the Police

Oregon Car Accident AdviceYou’re required by law to inform the police about any accident you have. Also, it doesn’t matter who you believe is at fault, you should tell them everything with complete accuracy. They’re likely to find out the facts eventually, so any lies you tell could come back to haunt you.

It’s also a good idea to record the names and badge numbers of any police officers that are at the scene of the accident. This can sometimes be helpful later on if there are any problems.

Call a Lawyer

If you’ve been injured or sustained serious damage to your car, you should absolutely call a lawyer immediately. There are certain actions that need to be taken, and many of them need to be done as soon as possible.

Even if it seems relatively minor, it’s a really good idea to consult with a lawyer to make sure you aren’t missing anything. A legal expert will be able to tell you if you are eligible for any benefits, and they’ll be able to prepare for any trouble you might face.

Exchange Insurance Information

Even if the police record the insurance information of the other people involved in the accident, make sure you get it, too. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to get out of paying, and you need to be able to tell them exactly who the other drivers were.

Also, make sure that all the documents match. If the registration or insurance of the car doesn’t match the name of the driver, record all of the different names and contact information.

Take Photos

Don’t ever rely on others (including the police) to send you photos after the accident. If you need to prove the truth about what happened, it’s best to take them yourself.

Don’t Admit to Anything

As already mentioned, you should be completely honest with the police. But, that doesn’t mean you have to admit to being at fault for anything. It’s natural to want to apologize in a traumatic situation, but there are many cases where you may think you’re the one who caused the accident, and the law doesn’t. Tell what happened, but don’t ever say you were responsible for the crash.

Look for Witnesses

Witnesses can be incredibly valuable after a car accident. They are normally unbiased, and they had a different view than anyone involved in the wreck. Record the names and contact details of anyone who saw what happened.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you have any pain or injuries, immediately seek medical attention. But, you may have suffered some form of injury even if you don’t feel it. Many issues take time before you’ll notice the symptoms, so it’s best to go get checked by a doctor as soon as possible after the accident.

This is extraordinarily important because as time goes on, it’s much harder to prove that the accident caused your health problems.

Don’t Be in a Hurry to Leave

It can be tempting to want to get away as soon as you can, but be patient to make sure you do everything necessary before leaving the scene of the accident.

You Don’t Have to Go Through This Alone

No matter how severe, car accidents are traumatic experiences. The good news is that with a quality lawyer, you have a caring expert by your side through the whole process. I’ve helped a ton of people through situations they hoped never to be in, and I understand how hard it is. But, please know that the sooner you contact me, the better legal assistance I can offer you.

Drive safely!


17 Photos That Prove Oregon is The Most Beautiful State

The United States offers a ton of natural beauty. From Alaska to Florida there’s a variety of stunning landscapes from mountains, to forests, to beaches. The question of which is the most beautiful state in the country is up for debate and many people claim their state is the best one. While there’s no real way to prove which state is the most naturally beautiful, our (admittedly biased) opinion is that Oregon is like nowhere else in the USA. We are extremely proud of where we work, live, and spend the majority of our time. We’ve scoured Instagram to put together some photos that try and prove our case! We truly believe Oregon is the most beautiful state in the country and here’s our evidence why.

A photo posted by Camille Gauguin (@oh.cest.ca) on

A photo posted by Cassia Peterson (@cassiapete) on

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A photo posted by Amanda (@myoregonjourney) on

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Worst City To Drive In: Portland?

Portland, Oregon is a great place, and there are a lot of major benefits to living here. Unfortunately, one of the few negative aspects is the quality of drivers in the city. Most people are more than capable behind the wheel, but that still leaves a high number of those who cause trouble for the rest of us. Hopefully this problem isn’t something that will scare you out of the area, but it’s important that you know your options and have help in case you ever find yourself in an accident involving a bad Portland driver.

Portland Is Worst City To Drive In

“Portland is the Worst City in the US to Drive”

There are a lot of jokes in Portland about it being the worst city in the US to drive in, but a recent study shows that it might not be such a laughing matter. Allstate Insurance released their annual report that tracks the best drivers in 200 cities, and Oregon’s largest city wasn’t very proud of how low it ranked on the list. Portland came in at 181 out of the 200, but that’s close enough to the bottom to make it feel like the worst city in the US to drive in. The only positive news about the ranking is that the city moved up two spaces from last year, but that doesn’t do much to stop the feeling that Portland is the worst city to drive in.

How to Stay Safe with Bad Drivers

The bad news is there isn’t much you can do about other drivers not being skilled enough behind the wheel. You can practice defensive driving, but sometimes there’s no way to avoid a collision if the other driver is making mistakes. Do everything you can to keep yourself safe, and just be aware of what to do if you are involved in an accident.

General Car Safety in Portland

Much of car safety is common sense, and a lot of us learn it at a young age. High on the list in recent years is the reminder to not drive distracted, and especially don’t send text messages when cruising down the road. Also, don’t play music so loud it will become distracting or cause you not to hear emergency sirens and other warning sounds.

Make sure to get regular maintenance on your car, and wear your seatbelt at all times. Take extra caution in bad weather, and ask your passengers to help watch out for anything unexpected. Always wear glasses if you need them.

Overall, relax but be cautious whenever driving.
Portland Bad Drivers

What to Do If You Have an Accident

If you’re involved in a car accident, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. The most important, though, is to remain calm and make sure that no one is seriously injured (call and ambulance immediately if they are!). Next, don’t leave the scene, but move the cars to safety if it’s necessary. Call the police even if the damage is minor, and know that a police report can really help your chances of proving you weren’t at fault. Collect as much information as you can about the others involved in the accident, and take pictures of the whole scene with your own camera. After it’s done, contact your insurance company and a lawyer.

Worst City To Drive InPedestrians Also Need Help

Keep in mind, all of these accidents aren’t limited to drivers. Pedestrians are often injured by cars, and they can get the same assistance and payments from insurance companies. Always be aware of your surroundings while walking, but if you’re hit by a car, follow the same steps as you would if you were in an automobile accident.

Personal Injury Lawyers

The purpose of a personal injury lawyer is to represent anyone who has been injured as a result of negligence or wrongdoing by someone else. However, this doesn’t mean that we can only help you with physical injuries. Psychological damage often occurs in certain situations, and it’s really common among victims in car accidents. Personal injury lawyers will be able to fight on your behalf to help get you what you deserve for any of these damages.

Don’t be intimidated by the person who caused the accident. It doesn’t matter if they are a normal individual, a company, or some sort of government agency. The law is written in a way to make sure everyone can be held accountable for causing injury to others.

Need Help with an Injury?

If you have been injured as result of one of the famously worst drivers in Portland, please get in touch! Insurance companies professionally deal with these cases on a daily basis, and they’re incredibly skilled at taking advantage of victims by paying out as little money as they possibly can. But, you don’t have to fight this battle alone. The law office of Ryan Hilts has a lot of experience in helping people recover from personal injuries and moving forward with their lives.

Oregon Ski Injury Lawsuits

Recently, the Supreme Court has invalidated the broad liability waivers that are printed on the back of ski lift tickets. This has made the liability/accountability of Oregon ski injury lawsuits a topic of which many are wondering who should be at fault. Injured skiers are arguing that a ski resort can not alienate themselves completely from the liability of injuries that happen while using their facilities. Lauren Bagley, who had a song injured at Mont Chancellor in 2006 supports this idea.

Oregon Ski Injury Lawsuit Support

Her son was 18 when he fell on a jump and now is paralyzed for life. Since then the ski resort has not be found at fault but this new invalidation of the liability waiver opens new discussion on whether there is some accountability to be had by the ski resort. The argument confronts the idea that man-operated equipment and enhancements to the slope should be under the liability of the ski resort. The argument solidifies the idea that blame is always placed on the skier and never shifted to the large ski facilities. This use to be supported by a 1979 Oregon law declared skiing an inherently risky activity and therefore shields the ski operators for liability in most instances.

Previous Oregon Ski Injury Lawsuit Prevention


This law was routinely used to block Oregon ski injury lawsuits filed by skiers and snowboards. The notion was that if you entered into something that was considered a risky activity you should be fully aware you may sustain a serious injury. However, new thoughts support that this has allowed the ski resorts with too much freedom. This lack of liability can promote slopes and operating equipment that may be unsafe for use beyond the typical risky situations. While accidents are always open to occur in such a risky environment it only seems fitting that the ski resorts acquire some responsibility more then a waiver on the back of a ski lift ticket.

New Oregon Ski Injury Law

This new law would allow participants to file solid cases where the ski area was neglected or had created unreasonable conditions that occurred by gross negligence of the staff. With this new law the ski resorts would be forced to legitimize each injury even it was ultimately proved not negligent. While this all may seem like good news for the skiers some are arguing that this will increase ski lift tickets as a results of having to respond to each Oregon ski injury lawsuit. Also Mathew Drake, chairman and chief executive of Mt. Hood Meadsows argues that it will costs jobs, limit to public lands and threaten the stability of the economic state of Oregon as a whole.

While we think that Mr. Drake may be a little over dramatic with this new law threatening the entire states economy we can expect that there may be an increase in lift tickets to pay for these Oregon ski injury law suits. If you have a ski injury in Oregon and you believe it is worthy of a law suite please give Ryan Hilts a call today to discuss your potential opportunities.


Motorcycle Accidents in Tualatin Oregon

Motorcycle accidents can happen suddenly with many resulting to severe injuries or wrongful death. Motorcycling can become risky particularly because when a motorcycle hits or collides with another vehicle; most times it is the motorcyclist who suffers the catastrophes. Motorcycle riders are more unprotected when on the road than other types of motorists and suffer much more serious injuries and deaths when an accident occurs. The moment they go down, however, it could take months or years before they recover fully.

Due to the wet weather condition of Tualatin Oregon, highways are dangerous for motorcyclists because cars and trucks mostly face difficulties seeing motorcycles. The weather also makes it unlikely that a car or truck will stop before hitting a motorcycle.
Distraction is another major challenge motorcyclists face from car and truck drivers. Many motorcyclists have become casualty of accident from automobile drivers distracted with their radio and cell phone. Many motorcyclists lose their lives or obtain serious injuries such as brain, bones, and spinal cord injuries.
Motorcyclists also possess equal legal rights enjoyed by car and truck drivers, but unfortunately many of them have been wrongly judged by judges who are predisposed to blame motorcyclists for the accident. That is why it is important to hire an aggressive and knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney who has had experience with motorcycle accident cases, who will work ruthlessly to conquer those prejudices and get for you the compensation you duly deserve.

Have you been injured in motorcycle accident in Tualatin Oregon? You need to seek the help of an Oregon motorcycle accident attorney immediately by contacting Lawyer Ryan Hilts an experienced advocate to help you obtain your right under the Oregon vehicle code which gives motorcyclists the same right with automobiles drivers.

Lawyer Ryan Hilts is a knowledgeable advocate for victims injured in motorcycle accidents. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident you need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to help. We have been representing motorcycle accident victims in and near Tualatin Oregon for years. Our duty is to ensure that when a motorcycle accident occurs as a result of the carelessness of another, the injured victim is compensated for his or her injuries, damages or losses.

Passengers who are also victim of motorcycle accidents in and near Tualatin Oregon may also seek the help of an Oregon motorcycle injury attorney immediately. Lawyer Ryan Hilts is an Oregon motorcycle accident injury attorney who can help you with all your case.

Without a vibrant attorney to help, it may be difficult for injured motorcyclists to obtain compensation following a crash, most especially if they chose to pursue their claim without the assistance of an attorney. We have vast knowledge of tort laws, so we can help you through the legal quagmire that most other attorneys don’t desire to take.


Auto Accidents on Highway 99 near Sherwood Oregon

If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident please do not hesitate to contact Ryan Hilts now

Every single person who has ever driven a motorized vehicle in even light traffic knows at least this one simple fact – driving can be dangerous! The statistics conclusive prove this to be true.

Unfortunately, Sherwood isn’t exempt from these statistics. If your commute includes any time on Highway 99 near Sherwood, you know this to be true. As the community continues to grow, commutes are getting longer and roadways are getting more congested. Using some simple math you can easily figure out that the longer and the farther you drive, the chance of you being involved in an accident continues to increase. Having more vehicles on the road seemingly every day certainly doesn’t help the situation.

This isn’t an attempt to scare you; it is simply to keep you informed and to provide you with some helpful information in the event you or a loved one is injured in an auto accident.

Obviously there are many issues of more immediate concern than dealing with an insurance company. That is precisely why you should strongly consider using the services any attorney that specializes in auto accident cases.

Ryan Hilts is exactly that attorney. Ryan and his staff have worked hundreds of auto accident cases successfully and are dedicated to helping you realize the best possible outcome in your specific case.

Everyone knows the insurance companies are trying to settle cases as quickly as possible for as little as possible. While it may seem a bit unethical, that is what they are in business to do.

The good news is Ryan is in business to make sure you don’t get rolled over by the insurance companies. Ryan is a top accident attorney in all of Oregon and is known by the insurance companies to take a case to trial if that is in your best interest. Knowing this, the companies are much more likely to offer a fair settlement to put the case behind them.

The accident statistics are practically unbelievable. There are over 12 million auto accidents a year in the U.S alone (over 3000 per day) involving over 20 million vehicles. Five million accidents result in some sort of injury.

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates the typical driver will experience 1 or 2 near accident misses every single month! Even the very best drivers are sometimes at the mercy of inexperienced or distracted drivers. While being in an auto accident is certainly not inevitable, the probability of being involved in an injury accident isn’t going down.

New auto and road technology are improving every day and defensive driving techniques are helping to improve the safety of the highways you travel every day.

But, if you do find yourself in the unfortunate position of being injured in an auto accident, do yourself a huge favor and contact Ryan Hilts for a free consultation.


Avoid Auto Accidents on Highway 26, Oregon

We all know various roads that are notorious for auto accidents, but knowing this information can help you to prepare for your journey and help minimize any risks that might lead to an accident.

All too often, we at Ryan Hilts personal injury, handle auto accidents that happen on Highway 26 near Sandy, Oregon, that could have been avoided, with a little planning.

Spend a little time in advance planning your journey and checking traffic reports, weather reports and anything else that will help plan your route. Ice is one of the major causes of accidents in this route. Only this week, ice was the cause of an accident involving four vehicles, in which one driver died. Black ice is treacherous, because you can’t see it. Checking the weather report in advance will help you decide if you need to change your route, or reduce your speed.

Another factor in many auto accidents we see is foul weather. Heavy rain can reduce visibility and causes many fatal accidents. People forget that rain causes the roads to be slippery and reduces stopping distances. If your journey isn’t essential during the bad weather, consider going when the weather has calmed down or perhaps change your route to one that is less busy. Everyone rushing to get home in bad weather is a bad combination.
Another huge accident factor is holidays. The popular skiing destination of Mount Hood attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year and unfortunately accidents seem to increase at busy times. Everyone is excited at holiday time and this can lead to careless driving and accidents.

Try putting modern technology to the test. Many people these days have smart phones with access to the Internet and apps. Have a look for traffic apps and websites that give up to the minute information on traffic problems in your area, you could save yourself a lot of time and avoid getting stuck when traffic is at a standstill.
What else can you do to minimize the risk of an auto accident? Make sure your vehicle is in good shape and fit for long journeys. If you regularly travel on long journeys, get your vehicle checked out by a qualified mechanic. Also, check your tires, as worn tires can cause skidding. When driving, keep your distance from the car in front to give you space to emergency brake, if necessary. Make sure your wipers are working as you’ll need those more than ever in heavy rain. Tune in to local radios stations as they will have up to the minute traffic reports. Try not to overload your vehicle with cases and equipment and keep distractions to a minimum when you are driving, such as loud music and over excited passengers!

If you have been involved in an accident on Highway 26, or any other road, for that matter, Ryan Hilts can help you win the compensation you deserve. We’ve dealt with hundreds of cases and you are guaranteed the very best of service and care. We know the risks of bad weather, holiday traffic and careless drivers that cause accidents, so call Ryan Hilts today for expert advice and personal service. We can answer questions and put your mind at ease with a free consultation.


Dangers of Auto Accidents in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Causes of Collisions
Every day, drivers and passengers are at risk of being in an auto accident. Even the “best” drivers are not exempt from the dangers of a collision. According to a study performed in 1995, 57% of crashes in the U.S. and Great Britain were caused exclusively by driver factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, intoxication, drowsy driving, distracted driving, speeding, and delayed reaction time. Each person on the road is not only affected by his or her own actions but also by the actions of others on the road. Drivers and passengers are also in danger of accidents due to road conditions and weather. The design of the roads and the vehicle are also significant players in the causes of vehicle collisions.
Due to these and several other causes, in Lake Oswego Oregon, several individuals have been involved in or affected by a car crash. Sadly, the results of these dangerous auto accidents often extend far past the day of the crash. The effects of these crashes often affect these drivers and passengers physically, emotionally, and/or financially.

The Impairing Results of Dangerous Collisions
Oftentimes these traffic collisions can have severe and long lasting physical repercussions. Common physical damage among accident victims are brain, head, neck, spinal, back, and facial injuries. In addition, those involved in a dangerous collision may suffer internal damage.
Individuals involved in vehicle collisions also often suffer from psychological trauma. This trauma may include emotional distress, depression, or anxiety. Psychological disorders can affect those involved in the crash both in the long term and in the short term.

The Need for Legal Help from Oregon Attorneys
After being involved in a collision, accident victims in the Lake Oswego area often have to deal with legal logistics. Insurance companies want to settle claims as quickly and as cheaply as possible. After a car crash, the physical and psychological effects may impair the driver’s ability to deal with legal settlements.
In these instances, many accident victims in the Lake Oswego area have called upon the services of an attorney. These attorneys have experience in settling several claims and are able to deal with court trials, mediation, or arbitration. Several drivers in Oregon have seen the benefit of petitioning for legal help after being involved in a crash. By relying on the expertise of an attorney they are able to shift their focus from legal logistics to recovering from any injuries.


Personal Injury Attorney South Portland

Getting injured is a terrible experience. It can result in receiving a significantly less amount of money – not to mention the emotional and physical trauma that accompanies it. An attorney can’t help you recover, but they can help you receive the financial compensation that you deserve.

South Portland personal injury attorneyWhether you are injured in a car accident or in an incident at work, you can count on a personal injury attorney south Portland Oregon. A personal injury lawyer Portland Oregon will ensure that you get back on your feet financially as soon as possible.

They will help you win the case so that you can purchase the things that you need – without having to dip into your savings. We understand that you need time away from stress to heal effectively. That’s why every attorney that we employ makes the process as easy as possible. He will do the tough work for you so you can focus on making a full recovery.

Every personal injury attorney south Portland Oregon on our website has received incredible feedback from clients. We know that you will be another happy client. We will help you get the money you should be compensated for your injury.


Bodily Injury Attorney South Portland

Bodily injuries are terrible in every way imaginable. No one deserves to go through pain. No one deserves to have to put off the things they love or their work in order to get better. No one deserves to pay thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

South Portland Bodily Injury AttorneyUnfortunately many people are forced to endure a bodily injury or multiple injuries. If you are one of these people, we’re here to help. We can’t take back the suffering you’ve endured, but we can get you the money that you deserve for going through this tragic ordeal.

Ryan Hilts is a bodily injury attorney in South Portland Oregon have been helping people take legal action against the person or business that has caused all of this discomfort. We pride ourselves on providing a bedside manner to all of our clients. We truly care about you and want you to get better. We want to try to help you reduce as much stress as possible so we will handle all of the legal proceedings while you rest and enjoy time with your family.

Ryan’s services are second to none. We have helped hundreds of clients get a significant amount of money in retribution for their suffering. We know that we can help you get the most money possible.

Ryan Hilts, Attorney at Law is ready to help you today. You are just a phone call away from starting this process. We can’t wait to start working with you. Contact us today!