Why Hire an Auto Accident Attorney in Portland Oregon?

auto accident attorney portland oregonFender-benders aside, most auto accidents require those involved to get an attorney. Ryan Hilts serves as an auto accident attorney in Portland Oregon. He is knowledgeable and can help you ensure you file your claim on time and get the compensation you are entitled to.  Keep in mind these concerns as you select your car accident lawyer in Portland, Oregon:

  • Keep a journal of the symptoms of and the limitations your injury has caused you. An example may be” “poor range of motion in my neck, cannot sit at desk long enough to work”. Such documentation will become “evidence” to support your case. Taking photos is very useful too if applicable.
  • If the other driver was not insured, or did not carry enough insurance, you want to be sure to tell Ryan Hilts this. Being underinsured can change the way he may work your case.
  • Ask about the compensation the attorney is asking for. Do you think it will suffice for your current and future medical costs from the injury? Keep all medical bills, second opinion notes and any other documentation Ryan Hilts can use to help bolter your case.
  • If you insurance company is pressuring you to settle quickly, you need to get a lawyer who can confront them and end the harassing calls. There is no need to settle quickly. Remember that the insurance agencies are trying to protect their assets. You are NOT their priority. But your auto accident attorney will advocate for you. This is what Ryan Hilts has experience doing.

Getting into an auto accident is stressful and can be life changing. No matter what you may think, the only way to be sure you are in a fair fight is to get an attorney. These are the rules of the game. Insurance companies fight hard for their rights; get Ryan Hilts, an experienced Oregon auto accident attorney, to fight for yours. Ryan is an experienced personal injury attorney in Portland Metro area. Questions? Contact Ryan for a free consultation.

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