Motorcycle Accidents in Tualatin Oregon

Motorcycle accidents can happen suddenly with many resulting to severe injuries or wrongful death. Motorcycling can become risky particularly because when a motorcycle hits or collides with another vehicle; most times it is the motorcyclist who suffers the catastrophes. Motorcycle riders are more unprotected when on the road than other types of motorists and suffer much more serious injuries and deaths when an accident occurs. The moment they go down, however, it could take months or years before they recover fully.

Due to the wet weather condition of Tualatin Oregon, highways are dangerous for motorcyclists because cars and trucks mostly face difficulties seeing motorcycles. The weather also makes it unlikely that a car or truck will stop before hitting a motorcycle.
Distraction is another major challenge motorcyclists face from car and truck drivers. Many motorcyclists have become casualty of accident from automobile drivers distracted with their radio and cell phone. Many motorcyclists lose their lives or obtain serious injuries such as brain, bones, and spinal cord injuries.
Motorcyclists also possess equal legal rights enjoyed by car and truck drivers, but unfortunately many of them have been wrongly judged by judges who are predisposed to blame motorcyclists for the accident. That is why it is important to hire an aggressive and knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney who has had experience with motorcycle accident cases, who will work ruthlessly to conquer those prejudices and get for you the compensation you duly deserve.

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Without a vibrant attorney to help, it may be difficult for injured motorcyclists to obtain compensation following a crash, most especially if they chose to pursue their claim without the assistance of an attorney. We have vast knowledge of tort laws, so we can help you through the legal quagmire that most other attorneys don’t desire to take.