auto accident attorney portland oregonFender-benders aside, many auto accidents require those involved to get an attorney. Ryan Hilts is an experienced car accident lawyer in Portland, Oregon.

If you have been injured in a car accident keep a journal of the symptoms of and the limitations your injury has caused you. An example may be “poor range of motion in my neck, cannot sit at desk long enough to work”.

  • If the other insurance company is pressuring you to settle quickly, you should hire a lawyer who can confront them and end the harassing calls. There is no need to settle quickly. Remember that the insurance companies are trying to protect their assets. You are NOT their priority. Your attorney will advocate for you. This is what Ryan Hilts has experience doing.


Getting into an auto accident is stressful and can be life changing. Insurance companies fight hard to keep their money; get Ryan Hilts, an experienced Oregon auto accident attorney, to fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Ryan is an experienced personal injury attorney in Portland Metro area. Questions? Contact Ryan for a free consultation.

Oregon Medical Malpractice AttorneyMedical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA, 2013).

  • You should hire an experienced attorney and get a consultation before you agree to anything with the insurance company. Insurance companies want to settle with your quickly, before you even know the full extent of the damages to your injuries.

Retaining a medical malpractice attorney does not mean that your future care will suffer or that your insurance rates will increase. It is critical to see an Oregon malpractice attorney who is experienced and can give you the right advice. Ryan is a personal injury attorney in the Portland Metro area. Call Ryan Hilts today for a Free Consultation.

Oregon brain injury lawyer TBI is a serious problem in the US today. The economic toll TBIs take on the health care system (around 70 billion annually) is just as tremendous as their impact on loved ones. The care, stress, and often permanent life change is overwhelming. Falls and car accidents are leading causes of TBI especially among the very young (birth to aged 4) and older adult (75+). TBI can be considered mild or severe. But no matter which you may have, you may need our brain injury lawyers in Oregon to recover any damages owed to you. Here are some facts about TBI:

· Effects Can Be Long Term: Over 40% of persons suffering from TBI are disabled for at least one year. This usually means patients are unable to work, or participate in a major life activity (school, work, relationships). Family is most likely to care for and manage affairs for patients during this time. This is one reason why ensuring your legal rights is important to us.
· Military Personnel: Soldiers who are exposed to blasts are especially prone to this injury. Often, when they arrive home, they are unable to work and experience memory and cognitive problems.
· No Such Thing as “Just a Concussion”: A concussion is a closed-head injury. This means that the brain was shaken against the skull and there may not be any physical signs of injury. Not all concussions result in a loss of consciousness. While many concussions fully resolve themselves in a few hours, others do not. Blows to the head from sports or accidents need to be taken seriously

Traumatic brain injuries are potentially devastating. Symptoms do not always present themselves immediately and can appear days after the incident. If you have been injured by blow to your head, be sure to seek medical help. Then consult our Oregon brain injury lawyers about your legal rights.

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If you’ve been involved in any of the following, Ryan Hilts can help:

· Personal Injury
· Car Accident
· Pedestrian Accident
· Bicycle Accident
· Motorcycle Accident
· Trucking Accident
· Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Accident Attorney in OregonRyan is a specialist accident attorney in Oregon and has been practicing law for over fifteen years. He has listed as a ‘Rising Star’ in Oregon for six years by Super Lawyers Magazine.

An expert at conflict resolution, Ryan prefers to try to resolve cases before they go to trial. He truly cares for his clients and promises to work with respect and hard work.

Each of Ryan’s clients has access to him as he believes in a personal, one to one approach. You will be treated with respect and he will ensure you get the outcome you deserve.

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