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Personal injuries are an unfortunate reality that many people face each year.  Without an attorney, you can easily be taken advantage of by the insurance companies.  It can also be overwhelming to handle your case without the experience that comes from years of practice in this field.

Ryan Hilts was born and raised in Medford, Oregon.  He is now a personal injury attorney who handles cases in Medford, Oregon and the surrounding southern Oregon areas.  He works largely on a referral basis and prides himself on the fact that he has many repeat clients and clients who were referred to his law practice by past clients.  He feels this is one of the highest compliments he could receive.

He brings a personal approach to law and works from day one to alleviate the hassle and headache that you would normally feel while trying to navigate the legal field and insurance companies.  While he handles your case you can focus on recovering from your personal injury accident.

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Ryan Hilt - Personal Injury Attorney serving Medford Oregon

Medford, Oregon

Medford Oregon

Medford sits in a centralized location of southern Oregon with the I-5 corridor going through its center.  It is nestled in the Rogue Valley, which is often referred to as a “rain shadow” due to its position between the Cascade Range and the Siskiyou Mountains.  With sunshine throughout the year and a temperate climate, there are many opportunities to be active outside.  Some favorite spots to explore for fishing, hiking, biking and enjoying the outdoors are the Rogue River, Applegate Valley, Mount McLoughlin and Upper and Lower Table Rock.  In addition, the Oregon Coast and Crater Lake are nearby attractions.

Why Ryan Hilts, Attorney at Law?

Selecting the right attorney to handle your auto accident claim in Medford can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Ryan Hilts is a renowned “personal injury attorney, Medford” and “car accident attorney in Medford, Oregon.” Here are the reasons why Ryan Hilts is the ideal choice as your “Medford Auto Accident Attorney” and how he can provide the representation that leads to successful resolutions.

Deep Local and Legal Expertise

Ryan Hilts brings extensive local knowledge and specialized legal expertise to his role as a “Car Accident Attorney in Medford Oregon.” With years of dedicated service in the field of personal injury law, Ryan has developed a keen understanding of both the complexities of auto accident claims and the nuances of Oregon’s legal system. This expertise is crucial in navigating the challenging landscape of personal injury law and securing favorable outcomes for his clients.

Client-Centered Approach

Understanding that each client’s situation is unique, Ryan offers a personalized approach to legal representation. He takes the time to understand the specific circumstances and needs of each client, ensuring that every strategy is tailored to achieve the best possible results. His client-centered approach not only helps in building strong cases but also ensures that clients feel valued and understood throughout the legal process.

Strong Advocacy for Your Rights

As your “Medford Auto Accident Attorney,” Ryan is committed to fighting tirelessly for your rights. He understands the tactics used by insurance companies to minimize their payouts and uses his knowledge to advocate effectively on your behalf. Whether it’s negotiating a fair settlement or representing your interests in court, Ryan is prepared to go the distance to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Proven Track Record

Ryan Hilts has a proven track record of success in handling auto accident claims throughout Medford and the surrounding areas. His history of securing substantial settlements and verdicts for his clients is a testament to his skill, dedication, and perseverance. Clients looking for a “personal injury attorney, Medford” will find a capable and proven advocate in Ryan Hilts.

Comprehensive Legal Support

From the initial consultation through to the resolution of your case, Ryan provides comprehensive legal support. He handles all aspects of the claim, including investigation, evidence gathering, case preparation, and court representation. This all-encompassing support allows clients to focus on their recovery and rehabilitation, confident that their legal affairs are in expert hands.

Community Commitment

Ryan’s commitment extends beyond the courtroom. He is deeply invested in the Medford community, understanding the impact that local factors can have on auto accident cases. This community commitment enriches his practice and enables him to offer insights and strategies that are closely aligned with the local context.

Consult Ryan Hilts, Your Medford Legal Expert

If you need a “Car Accident Attorney in Medford Oregon,” do not hesitate to reach out to Ryan Hilts. Contact us today at (503) 726-5960 for a free consultation. Trust Ryan to handle your case with the care, expertise, and dedication it deserves, helping you to navigate this challenging time with confidence and support.

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Oregon Attorney Ryan Hilts

Ryan is a member of the Oregon State Bar, the Washington State Bar, and the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association.

Ryan was named a “Rising Star” e for six years in a row, and recently a "Super Lawyer" by Super Lawyers Magazine. In his early years as attorney, he was also listed as one of Oregon's Outstanding Young Lawyers by Portland Monthly Magazine and the American Registry.

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My name is Linda and my son in law recommended Ryan Hilts. I did not think I needed a lawyer. My son in law said "If you don't win you don't pay". That made a lot of sense to me. After calling Ryan I realized how comforting it is to have a lawyer. I was in a car accident. The driver was drunk and hit me and took off. A hit and run accident. Ryan told me by Oregon Law I was able to go to the doctors. I was able to get the much needed help. My Chiropractor was amazing. It took time to heal. Ryan was always available and always called me back, when I had any questions. He is a wonderful family man. A man of integrity. He also sent emails and texts to wish our family well on all the Holidays. He went above and beyond what was expected. My case was won without a doubt. I would definitely go back to Ryan for any lawyer needs. He is a good man and you can trust him. Thank you Ryan for everything, words are not enough to express all you did for us.

G. & L. S.

I was recommended to Mr. Hilts by a friend when I had my car accident. I was very impressed with his knowledge and the way he guided me through the process. I appreciated that he always returned my calls and kept me informed about the progress of my case.


I could never say enough good things about Ryan. He was always there to take my calls and answer all of my questions. I really felt like he was working for me; like I was his top priority.


Ryan is a terrific lawyer and a better person. He went above and beyond to reach a settlement in my case and believed in it when no one else did. He’s very intelligent and caring and is always putting the best interests of his clients before his own. Ryan knew more about my case than I even did. He is truly dedicated to his clients, and I can not explain how much I honestly appreciated that. I recommend that you give him a shot if you need to hire an attorney. He won’t let you down.


It was our good fortune to have Ryan Hilts as our attorney. Ryan helped our children avoid a lawsuit and get a successful settlement. He taught us so much. He represented our family with integrity.