While there are many types of personal injuries, most personal injuries in the United States are from vehicle accidents .

Injuries from vehicle accidents can lead to lost wages, medical bills, and, in some cases, permanent physical damage.

Who Is At Fault?

In the state of Oregon, if there is an automobile accident and someone was injured, the person who is responsible for causing the accident is liable to pay for any damages if they are at least 51% at-fault for causing the accident.

Personal Injury Claim LetterVery often an insurance company or their insured driver will admit fault in causing an accident. In other cases it is often easy to determine the fault of the other party because they were driving-under-the-influence, or they were speeding, or they failed to stop at a light, etc.

If there is no evidence that the other party violated their legal duty then it becomes more difficult to determine fault. If you can’t prove that the other party is more than 51% responsible for causing the accident, your claim can be lost.

Proving fault is a process that is conducted based on the evidence that is available. In automobile accidents, there are often witnesses, as well as sometimes security camera footage. These two pieces of evidence are exceptionally useful and make the facts of the case much easier for the attorneys to parse.

What Happened?

When writing a personal injury claim letter it is important to convey all of the facts of your injury, how the injury has affected you and how it continues to affect you.

Accident Letter Format

If you missed work and lost out on wages that you would normally receive, you need to provide the proper documentation.

In Oregon, you can also receive compensation for pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and loss of enjoyment. Pain and suffering can be shown through medical documentation that describes the treatment of the symptoms of the injury.

sample demand letter for car accident

The letter should consist of your description of what took place, the medical documentation, photographs, police report, wage loss documentation, out-of-pocket expenses, medical bills, and any other relevant damages.

What’s Next?

Once you have finished drafting the personal injury claim letter, settlement negotiations will begin once the insurance company has a chance to review the claim and get authority to make an offer.

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